There is nothing quite so mesmerising as seeing a photo magically appearing in front of your eyes in a tray of liquid.  

This is one of the very first memories I have of photography, 10 years old and experiencing a darkroom for the first time. That, and saving up my pocket money to buy my first camera an Agfa Rangefinder in the early 80's.
Born in 1973 in Portsmouth, England but for most of my life I have lived in northern Germany where I developed a passion for music that spans as long, if not longer than my love for imagery and doing anything creative.

There is a certain style to my work but whereas others like to associate their work to themes and locations, I just want to produce the best images that I've ever made and to welcome the adventure of wherever I may travel in order to create those images. Whether it's a fleeting moment caught in time, or a single image that took hours to create, my goal is to work with people who value imagery that can make the heart beat faster, engage emotion and ignite those memories once again. 

In order to take a picture we need light; such an obvious statement yet in the world of events and even wedding receptions, that's exactly what can be missing. At events there are spots of light but they rapidly vary in colour and intensity. At weddings you don't get to choose the weather and being tied to time constraints, you don't get to pick the perfect lighting conditions either. The use of a flash is often prohibited in historic buildings too, so this all compounds into a very volatile environment to produce outstanding images under harsh conditions. This was my training ground, this was the foundation in which I built my knowledge in the art of Photography and some say if you can nail a shot of a moving artist or dancer on stage in very low light, you can photograph in practically any other environment.




2012 Anthony picked up a camera again mainly to produce better images for his event company WooDz:Muzik which quickly turned into a new passion and venture. He has shot artists such as Steve Aoki, Sven Väth, Markus Schulz to name but a few amongst other EDM (Electronic Dance Music) artists. He has undergone 1on1 consultations with leading german Akt-Fotograf Earl Newton in learning the art of Commercial & Fashion Photography.

2014 saw further steps into the photography world with having his images published in one of Germany's top wedding agency's magazine, Dream-z. Covered Prague's TRANSMISSION trance concert "Seven Sins". Once again shot Sven Väth's Cocoon show at the Ringlokschuppen in Bielefeld and was the official photographer for Germany's Weller Guppe as they commissioned the building of their 33rd Automobile Dealership, Audi Zentrum Bielefeld.

2015 saw further in roads into lifestyle, portraiture, and commercial wedding photography.

2016 has seen more work in the event industry, an interview with local newspaper Lippische Landeszeitung about the aspects of low light Astro and Event photography, whilst still pursuing further into the commercial wedding photography world.