Depicting Life's moments through glass


Life momentS

Celebrating life's important moments to keep safe, split seconds captured in time, to pass from one generation to the next generation and beyond.


lights and action throughout Europe, opportunities have given the chance to help people relive those memories and experience it all over again.


LIFE PortraitS

Here and now this is your life.
See it, feel it, capture it.
Pictures of who you are today to remember that journey in the future.

The little things count most


We hear this so often and it's so easy to be lost in the extravaganza of such a big day.
It's all in the details that make the whole.



Capturing life events as they happen.


I strive to take the combination of capturing reality and creating an artistic storyline that brings value to that special event. Taking the authenticity of the moment and heightening the emotions through colour and tone.





A storyteller can create any scene, any time of day, any type of weather and if it doesn't quite fit the storyline, they can re-write it. I try to create a storyline, that looks like film but is based on actual events.
Most often we get one chance | Don't miss it.