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International Photographer

I remember watching a photo magically appear in a chemical tray in a darkroom as a small child of 10 years of age and I have been hit with a passion for photography since then.

My journey as a wedding photographer started with taking pictures of the lighting I would set up for my wedding couples. Throughout the many years I have worked in this industry, this has progressed to creating a ‘fusion’: I have provided my services as both a photographer and DJ for several wedding couples. Yes, contrary to some beliefs, this is actually possible. The only overlap of photography and DJ-work is during the first dance when no intensive DJ-mixing work is required, so I can nicely ‘fuse’ the two together, hence the term Fusion Wedding Service.

From the perspective of a DJ, I truly see how every aspect of a wedding is connected: How people are affected positively or negatively by the ceremony, the weather, the food & drinks, the decorations, the day of the week or the economic climate, just to name a few. Further influencers are the connections the guests have between one another, the interaction of the service staff and, of course, the overall atmosphere.

I have often experienced that I was the last stop to turn any negativity into positivity when working as a DJ. It's my job to ensure that the people enjoying themselves; keep moving, dancing, laughing and cheering. This has given me a great perspective in being aware of peoples’ reactions when capturing emotional and authentic wedding reportage photos that will bring back fond memories whenever you look at them.

So, if you are still looking for your wedding photographer, you might have just found him. If you want to celebrate your day according to your own wishes, I would love to hear from you. Just give me a call. I already look forward to meeting you and to our journey together.

International Photographer

I started Photography in 2012 taking photos of my lighting setups as a DJ and been self-employed since 2009.

I have 4 cameras and will probably have a 5th by the end of the year.

I’ve been together with my wife for 27 years! Thats over half my life.

I usually need complete silence when editing photos. My ADHD leaves me far to open to distractions

I love composing my own music. film score or movie trailer style to remixes and Drum n Bass (here's my soundcloud link )

I love cars of all kinds, I sold SAAB cars for 8 years.

I’m a huge cat person. That doesn't mean I'm not a dog person :)

Fitness is an important part of my life. I've done Sailing, Windsurfing, cycling and generally make sure I stay healthy. This job demands it when on your feet for basically 10 hours.

I have a best friend and colleague Mona we've been working together since 2012, you'll probably see her as my 2nd shooter when she's not making your flower decorations, conducting your open-ceremony or even planning your wedding.

International Photographer

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