Bridal Summer Shoot with Moden Kleinemas, Verl

Almost 2 months to the day I jumped in my car an headed down to Moden Kleinemas in Verl. This photoshoot has been 2 years in the planning and as the Corona situation started to be laxed, neither Manuela Meyer from Moden Kleinemas, Naomi and Regina, our models and myself wished to miss another opportunity in creating some great images for you to see.

We shot 15 dresses over 7 hours. For me it was a good opportunity test my new camera, the FujiFilm X-T4 and it didn’t disappoint. The marked difference to my other Fujifim X-T2 is almost unfathomable. With the X-T2, the Auto-focus would miss its mark on occasions, the X-T4 in comparison seems to nail almost every shot. I think I had maybe 2 or 3 ‘throw away’ images out of the 3000 shots I took that evening.

Schroeders Boonekamp have a beautiful private garden who kindly allowed us to use as one of the locations, with the WunnersWat Hotel posing a stark modern contrast as we shot later into the evening.

Moden Kleinemas offer an extensive range of wedding gowns, evening wear and accessories ranging from A Bela Noiva, Christian Koehlert, Gatti Nolli, Poirier and Randy Fenoli just to name a few. I met Manuela and Edgar at the end of 2017 during a wedding Expo and I became besotted by their sympathetic nature. You really feel as if you are in safe hands with them and their sincere approach in helping their clients find the right dress. So it was a pleasure to finally get to work with them again.

I’m really the sort of photographer who prefers to take pictures that capture the moment but that just doesn’t usually work on a styled shoot. However both Regina and Naomi were an absolute dream to work with, everything seemed to just flow with very little guidance which led to moments of laughter and even dancing on occasion!

All this made the sorting process extremely difficult and we still ended up with 425 images to edit. 

We were after a specific style with this shoot relying of ambient lighting and although in some cases it would have been advantageous to use a flash at times, it would mean a noticable change between the images.  Instead we adapted to the surroundings and used any available light to our advantage in some extraordinary places which I’ve never seen other images of brides shot before. The beauty of getting creative when challenged by limitations.

There are many to thank and we are so grateful for them in making this happen.

Fotograf: Anthony Woodruffe, Instagram: @anthony_woodruffe 

Dresses: Moden Kleinemas, intagram: @modenkleinemas

Models: Naomi Jackson, Instagram: @naomisarahj 

Regina Nasaev, Instagram: @reginansv

Styling: Schönheitswerk Verl, Instagram: @schoenheitswerk_verl

Location: WunnersWat Hotel Verl, Instagram: @wunnerswat 

Schroeders Boonekamp Verl


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